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Thanks for sharing the pictures of Murielle’s beautiful life pillows.

She is a very talented worker and artist. There will be more lovely pictures to share from her.

The top Blue Sky Broadcaster is wrapped with about 18 meters of cable, comes in at about 80 million Bovis. The BSB on the bottom right was created following a discussion about making the Cones a bit more ‘coffee table friendly’. Murielle suggested getting the cable wrapped in a coil on the inside of the cone. I worked on it – it was very tricky getting the cable coiled tightly so that it would fit inside the cone – I could only fit in about 8 meters.

Another difficult part was getting the light fitting to come out the top and then start pouring – trying to keep the cable away from the sides, definitely a two person job. However, it turned out ok and comes in at 139 million Bovis. I don’t know why there is a difference, there was the same amount of mixture used for the two BSBs. Not sure if it was worth the effort, probably easier just to do the regular system and plaster over the cable if not liked.