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    Yo Jenn, THANKS !!! hahaha….nice feeback….ah bovis readings, you know, that is , some time ago, when the crew found out this whole selenite thing, it just ticks differently…the first hurdle so to speak for the healing club, there is a lot of talk about that in the documentation, this eye opening effect of hey old ways wont work anymore sort of awareness
    as the selenite moves the bovis into infinity often
    that s why most good downsers felt very odd in the beginning to even dare posting that confirmation
    this what is going on here we heard a lot …heheheh
    Really funny to look back at how it all came out of the woodwork
    step by step
    from seedling to massive oak
    they even banned some dowsers on WM in those days , just for speaking out about that part of it
    and these were all metal resin folk showing results after testing.
    Anyway you cannot put a sphere into a small square box
    it s like that
    there are a lot of blind cart horses out there
    doing the mantra
    forgetting life is bigger than dogmas and protocols
    life is there to be experienced, to be enjoyed, despite all agendas
    not look the other way and seek pleasure soleley
    dont ignore the black wolfe , accept it into your life
    give him its proper place
    next to the white wolfe and one will do fine
    dont let the black wolfe creep up on you in secrecy and silence
    simply by locking it in the shed and forget about him
    it does not work that way…the cherokee story keeps coming back to me as it is real thruth not some new age propaganda
    the black wolfe is evil , yes, but has virtues too to be used but dont let it take you over and run you
    the white wolfe is love, yes, but has some drawbacks too, weaknesses, keep that in mind
    integrate it and be strong
    respect both for what they are
    and dont go into programmed mode
    this good bad thing as that will keep you locked in the mind
    in custody….
    find balance of energy that s what it s all about and grow into more consciousness without going the new age parade
    that s my opinion about it
    do your own homework hahaha
    no Jenn , this is not to you of course , talking in general here.
    Just how I see it.

    As a newcomer entering the healing club I thought what is going on here
    yes the plasterite and other techniques sure work, proof galore, but what s this talk about “strange things”
    this reality thing
    I did not get it, I thought even Josh had taken too many secret mushrooms heheh
    well to make a long story short I thought it was all a bit “wacky” back than, you know…
    Later on I asked the German pioneer of the gypsum method about it
    Being blatantly honest about my first trial pieces of plasterite etc, as they had results but…something was missing
    something was left out of the picture.

    I knew what it was, intuition always knows if you listen close enough but as stubborn as I am , nope
    well, he listened to me and after another of my long winded 4 page stories he just said
    ” did you ask ? ”
    that s when I got the creeps
    ” you did not ask , did you ” ?
    no of course I did not ask , for heaven s sake , do I have to talk to plasterite now ?

    and, after my bla bla he said
    “just ask”
    and I thought he and the healing club are all on the same mushroom menu , but I knew that was true
    and it is hard to accept truth
    for newbees even more, coming out of the dark
    knowing nothing
    you have to ask , ask for nature to help you , to put it that way
    or “the source” or whatever you want to call it
    it is of utmost importance
    once you understand that, or just try it , genuinly with the heart, things will be revealed
    but it is a hurdle
    in a way it is like “connecting” to a wild horse on the prairie
    you cannot force the horse to do anything
    you have to ask, level with it, understand it
    all that stuff
    not exacly daily menu for the IPhone people ….
    but it works , as horses have their own particular character so does the plasterite you make
    it is all unique
    they may look the same, like kids, but they are still different

    Coiling the broadcaster, I know, tricky , not as simple as it seems
    it is really not that easy
    when I made the first that was a surprise
    it s a technique, I think MG once said something about it how to do it properly
    ah he makes everything sounds so easy eh
    but it can all be done
    like Murielles super work, we never see Life Pillows / Polarizers and whoops out of the blue
    she gets it and soon after, Bam, got ya
    I dont get astonished easily but recently I watch some things with open mouth
    especially since it is done in a resin technique
    takes some practice etc but you were already not unfamiliar with that…the CB clubs there, etc

    also your honesty in dealing with those topics is refreshing as most folk are into some sort of mind set given to them
    this mantra thing , so appaling, while you just say it as it is
    without giving a certain “spin” on things
    just truth
    wow refreshing in these times
    feels good, a relief
    Very proud of all of you there
    I am really amazed by your mob , as for long MG has been the king of techniques of the life pillow
    so beautiful and strong
    such sincerity
    and I had almost given up on the thought ANYONE would ever , you know…” get it”
    make that breakthrough
    and she is so spunky , Murielle, hahaha
    someone to recon with I tell you

    A lot of smiles on my face lately
    that s something new…
    dont worry the determined white knight grumpy mode is just around the corner
    gosh I feel happy
    seeing Murielle show that astonishing pieces with that typical wittyness of hers
    giving MG the greasiest, fattest, most lovely and rebellious tongue in cheeck nod AND a way over the top wink
    with this ” oh just made a life pillow you know…”
    Cheers and Enjoy
    good work folks