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    Good of you G, hahahaha, so you can keep the girls busy too.

    Finally some rest …LMAO…SMILE


    Yo Greg, nice to have you on board on our refurbished forum. We are grassroots and that has some advantages but sometimes it can be demanding.
    You know, we just continue where Orgonite Plus, the real Orgonite Plus left off after Jacques passing. As you know some prick from the USA , hmm I smell
    WM…has hijacked that name, won´t go into that scamartist now but….will do a topic on that, just to get things straight but will do that in my little rant corner,
    bullet proof, sound proof, you name it, so it won´t get too messy here…hehehe….[wink]

    Anyway, yes saw you made some biggies, always a winner, during our last share holders Vip meeting she mentioned you make a good sound, or something of that order, meaning you got the vibe. I promised to keep that confidential , hmmm duh……..that´s why I post it here…wink…
    Obviously , according to that stats, we got hundreds of views, daily. I know, beats me too, who reads this stuff ?

    They do not make themselves known…hmmm…maybe they need more time.
    So therefor it is good for others to step in and do their bit
    Might help. Multiple views. That´s ok as long as we do not bring in the BS and lalaland stuff, you know, aliens, flat earth, ufo, jadija…
    Any news on that  Fluoride topic thing you were busy with recently ? City council and all that jazz.
    Trying to get those psychos not to put that rat poison in drinking water, kind of strange we don´t like that , hmm, odd.[nono]

    Thought the UK was not doing that but could be wrong , maybe they want to help the British too…who knows…like with Greece , they helped Greece pretty good, yep.

    I do not want to be member of any of those shitty Fakebook groups, they are all crap and we all know it. Anyway, if you have things to share , please do.
    For some mysterious reason it´s the guys going on the bullhorn with the selenite, as they all agreed it is very feminine, kinda weird , yes the girls play with it too
    but do not really promote it that much to the general public, with the usual few exceptions of course…

    Shaman Tony mentioned it too , in the interview, this method is not meant as a kiddy corner or art class, it s a shaman´s path of healing and it works very very well.
    There for it should be used as such and not “sold out”  to make little gimmicks to paint and this and that, again, in itself it is OK and I do know a few girls who do that AND do the gifting so that is settled and pure, the way it should be. But you know what I mean. It is meant to  heal people and the sky , the environment. Yes, particularly the sky nowadays
    as things are bizarre for those who are awake. That , the sales hoopla, is also a reason I wont go into all that, too troublesome, too much fuss and nothing comes out.
    Financially I mean. Also the political correctness might sneak in silently, as folk will be more reluctant to speak their part of the story as it might ” offend” some bimbo in Michigan, things like that, we cannot  have that.

    But I won t go full woo, at least not in this topic. Maybe in my own topic I can unleash the beast sometimes as that is needed I think.
    To some extent at least.
    Am aware you are trying to bring in newcomers that is very good of you, hope that works out, not an easy ride. Would be a miracle if that happens, no kidding.