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That’s a very strong drink btw, 37% volume, hence my rashness in deciding to post a photo of a tragedy that happened to what has been a very happy experience making Kombucha for about the last 6 weeks.  I’ve made delicious drinks based on berry tea, and Lemon and Ginger herbal teabags. Apparently one can be much more adventurous but I stuck to the simple option my friend showed me.   Everything fine until maybe the second last ‘run’ of Lemon and Ginger; I was puzzled because it had a sort of oily feeling to it, though it tasted very good.   HOWEVER, when I went to decant and bottle my latest batch yesterday, the whole thing had turned into all I can describe it as a slimy mass ugh.   It would hardly pass through the sieve [exhausted].

Absolutely disgusting.  I still can’t imagine what chemical process caused this result.  I joined a Kombucha group to ask the question why – the only answer I got was ‘ that looks gross –
dump it’ which I did.   I know you all can’t wait to see the photo of it being passed through the sieve.

20170706_091733 (1).jpg