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Good posting there thanks SF.   Just an update on what should have been a Plasterite demonstration or workshop.   I was invited to a get together in Co. Tipperary on Saturday, to a place called the Low Entropy Farm, to give a talk or demonstration.  Unfortunately it didn’t work out.   We were asked to bring something for the land, and some food and/or drink for the BBQ.    I had the idea that some comfrey could be useful and as Laura said they didn’t have any and would love some, I agreed to bring  some with me.

I was fairly certain I would find some in a ‘garden’ of a house I lived in some years ago, which very sadly was razed to the ground about 5 years ago.   It was difficult to get into what used to be the garden, due to the amount of wild growth, but as expected there were many healthy looking comfrey plants, which I would have started off many years ago.   They are a special strain of very high yielding plants, and can be used for green manure, for making liquid fertilizer or as a very effective healing plant.  The traditional name for it is ‘Knitbone’ and it used to be used for speeding up healing of sprains and fractures.  I think it must be one of the first plants/natural healing herbs to have been targeted by Pharma, who had comfrey supplements removed from the market after doing a trial on rats who showed some signs of liver damage.  However, the quantities they fed the rats was the equivalent of a human eating many pounds of it.  .    T

The photos show what was my garden then, I grew lots of fruit, vegetables and flowers and used sell them in our ‘Country Market’  I had a polytunnel and an ‘Agriframe’ which was a structure with plastic netting over it to keep the birds away from the raspberry canes.  I remember they were very determined, and I used spend a lot of time trying to block up tiny gaps and then let the angry birds out again.

It was quite sad seeing what had happened and also seeing the house gone.

When I arrived at the farm I soon realised the demonstration would not work, there were too many different groups, people setting up tents, kids playing round, I really didn’t mind except for all the work I’d gone to getting prepared and packing the car. The first picture is a comfrey plant. Middle ones ‘the wilderness’

The last picture is of the people organising the BBQ,with my bag of scones in the foreground [im-happy-smiley-emoticon] I hope you can see the nice view in the background. And some pretty sylphs.

20170722_140759.jpg  20170722_140802 (1).jpg  20170722_140804 (1).jpg  20170722_141608.jpg  20170722_140810.jpg  20170722_141611.jpg  20170722_183147 (1).jpg  20170722_120641.jpg