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by josh on Fri May 28, 2010 8:08 am

Hello Gifter, hello Bluegum
Why dont we start by making Orgonite a whole lot easier than what we have been doing : no metal, and no resin   , this is an idea that come from a gent from Germany, he is making Orgonite with only plaster and stones, some crystals and lots of other stones: garnet, peridot, amazonite……..what ever stones feels good to you, in his mix he had about a dozen different stones.
I have made plenty of plaster Orgonite ( anyone have a name for it ? may be plasterite?) the feel is very good from the report of sensitive peoples.
It is easy to make, take a mold and put a bit of fat in it for release, mix your plaster (I put in a wee bit more water so to be very liquid) pour in your mold and add your stones……….thats it!!!, now I have found that by putting in it a tablespoon of powdered copper per gallon of plaster will increase the energy coming out of it, but by it self it will do fine.
Plaster is most inexpensive
No smell
No sticky mess
The only thing is that you will not be able to do is put it outside, unless it is under cover, I always put a few coats of shellac on mines and it stay in good shape.
I also found that by crushing the crystals I get a better dispersion of the stones and better output.
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