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by josh on Sat May 29, 2010 3:42 am

Hello Stephen and welcome

I do not want to push the plaster exclusively, because I work with the resin as well, but if the people find this to be working,; what a gift to our nose, and our pocket book, but there are pieces you cannot make with the plaster, like pendants for example.

This is the site where I learn about plaster Orgonite: … =Translate

I have had many energy sensitives who tested our plaster Orgonite and were impressed with the energy coming out of it, actually the cost involved in making a small one would be minimal, and if it is not producing as expected you can always put it in a bucket of water, dissolve the plaster and save your crystals.

If it works for you, I am certain all of your students would love having their hands in it I have a lady near me that is very sensitive, she says that it does not have the electric feeling of the resin and that it is very smooth like a living energy. Give it a shot, see what give, I am certain you will be pleased with the results, I have been making plaster Orgonite for about 8 month now and the results are very good, I spoke about it on WM sometime ago but stop posting about it because I did not want to impact Sensei’s business by having everybody make cheap and effective Orgonite, but now I am no longer restricted