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Postby josh on Mon May 31, 2010 6:49 pm

Where does the Pillow come from:
It started 30 years ago, when my health went south because of welding in restricted spaces, breathing the fumes, I engaged the services of a nutritionist, her name was Nicole; she had me under a heavy regimen of vitamins and minerals and introduced me to a device called a polarizer that could reverse the spin, from left to right in any food or drink substances.

The polarizer was a box the size of a cigarette pack, may be a 1/2″ wider made of stainless steel, and at the time cost $100, rather high for the time.

I would have it with me where ever I went, I had tried it on coffee and other drinks, and noticed defined changes in the taste of food as well, and hearing the many stories about the device convinced me that I would not go wrong in keeping it with me all the time.

All that time wondering what this box was about, and the lady who made it did not volunteered much info on it

It came in many sizes, the size that I had (cigarette pack) was called the pillow, most of the others were just called polarizers small or large.

The lady who invented the devise was called Ethel, this is all I know of her, except that 10 years ago no more of her products was available, her phone disconnected, and no way to get any more news.

So that is when I made the decisions to reinvent a Pillow, I had not much to work on all I knew for sure is that one of the ingredient was sea weed, and the rest crystals, so the trial and error started about 9 to 10 years ago
I also decided to name my devise the Pillow in honor of this wonderful lady.

I also found that the least amount of changes, in the amount of crystals, the type, and the other ingredients of rare earth, create a wide range of different results.
I have made Pillows that cats love to be with and love to sleep on it, and changing proportions but a little, the same cat will not tolerate having it near. But all of them have the same capacity of reversing the spin.

About a year ago, I was being told time and again to start a website (by what was thought at the time to be a good friend), this same friend chose the name of the site ‘joshusmaximus’ and made the site as well.
Well, as we know, this did not turned out so good :?

So now I made my own site as well as a forum, where we can share audacious ideas without the threat of being banned.

The Pillow is real, it works, all that have tried it know that it works, I do not know if the formula that I use is the same as Ethel, but it look like it is doing the same reversing of the spin.
Here you have it