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by sacred on Thu Jul 22, 2010 10:55 pm

I received my life pillow yesterday, and haven’t been without it since! Thank you, Josh! It went straight to my chest and had to stay there for quite some time … how did it know I’ve been going through some grief? (that’s not a serious question, btw, as we know that energy just knows! :D )

I carried it in my left pocket to help with left hip problems, and next thing you know … what hip problems? :lol:

I’ve slept like a babe with it under my pillow … and felt much more ‘alive’ in the morning …

Friends have commented on the calmness and peace it holds …

I blessed a phone call I had to make that was difficult to approach, and not an easy situation to deal with over the phone, and all went remarkably smoothly given the complexity of the situation, the person involved, the number of issues, and the time we had to discuss all of that … end result, message heard and understood in a very short time, with all aspects understood and I believe the situation that got out of balance is now returning to a state of balance … :D

I haven’t had a chance yet to call my friend in Texas and get her feedback for you, Josh, but will post same just as soon as I do!

just wanted to say a big “thank you!”

life is unfolding beautifully … as it always does … ;)

I’m very grateful … Image