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    Received the Life Pillows Photos, ah boy , just as cool as those of DustSand, very pleasant.
    Although your Life Pillows are absolutely more feminine
    The medicine bag type


    Highly appreciated, using original formula
    thanks for sharing I am a very sceptical person, so I had to tripple check the life pillow
    because just as with other techniques like the plasterite nobody talks about it except a few
    Testing is really funny, how taste improves, pain gets decreased , all that in a simple formula
    I know you use them for healing work , injuries etc, and therefor the leather types are more suited
    to hold against the body. it is very pleasant to see how fast you girls get the swing of it and immediately put all that in good practical use
    took us longer to work it all out, but as that s been achieved I d say….Enjoy :P ;)
    Although it will take some time and effort one of the good side effects is it wont cost much money
    you use the crystal water method to the max !
    very clever
    works just as well as real crystals
    surprised me too I must add
    Well , polarizers have to be tested to believe you know, it is a strange concept
    very addictive things once you get used to them and know the power they possess
    in a humble natural package. Again, one must test that technique to understand
    it goes beyond the left brain, worth its weight in gold absolutely
    The car ? Heheheh….I use these plasterite hearts also as energy savers in the car
    they do work fabulously
    Had a big cone in the car for months and noticed the milage increased
    lower consumption, so I thought as the cone will be gifted soon, let s exchange that for some plastercrystal hearts
    they do the job just as well
    besides a lot of other things
    again, something to test, not to believe or disbelief
    For daily use I prefer to use the metal resin combo piece from Monsoon Orgonite Australia
    for personal use on the body I use my own , a leather pouch
    so I feel tremendously honoured to have one of those beauties, top product from a top orgonite maker
    in balance with all techniques I have seen, regardless what flavor.
    One of the few who bring in results and teach us new methods to work with so we learn something on the way
    Top sharer, so important , to make folk take the first step into this wonderful world of life force energy.
    And now parts of Ireland whisper his name hahaah
    Thank you Jenny, ha , these are the sweetest life pillows I ve ever seen.