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by monsoon gecko on Fri Aug 13, 2010 7:25 am

Stunning all right !
Dropped in to see the lady who ordered 3 pillows and got four…she,s still excited..carries everywhere and sleeps with it..Her husband is the same ..checks his pillow to see its under his pillow for sleep. ha ha…She gifted one to a fellow whose had heaps of surgery, parts removed, on going stuff etc and suffered for ages, he has a new lease on life, reporting lot more energy and feeling great….carrying the pillow constantly…..well most of time. …Wow ..i’m continually enjoying these amazing pillows.

Recently I ordered 6 pillows. …for family….AQIS ..quaranteened them, suspecting they may harbour agricultural predator or some such.
long story with many emails one stage they were going to be treated…gamma radiation…Josh seemed to think it would be cool as pillows function was EM protection…probably stuff the machine…but that would take 6 to 8 weeks…I couldn.t wait that long , so gave permission to unstitch and check filling. Josh had already told me that all they’ll find is powder sand, and seaweed., which I had already informed them on first phone call and explained it is an energy device. Both ladies over 2 days that I spoke to were totally pleasant and helpfull.
So next day get email saying we found powder inside…Doh ! What,s in it , for our record..? So , thanks again Josh , we gave a partial list of ingredients, with which they were happy….will only have to wait till next week…..better still, Aussies can still purchase Life Pillows.!
Best money you’ll ever spend !!!

Today, sent those lovely ladies a pretty TB , 6 pocket happy pills and info sheet.. wonder if they’ll reply.?
Thanks Josh, we rode that wave well.!