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Postby Spirit Walker on Tue Aug 24, 2010 1:32 pm

Spin me around, round and round….. :)

I had an Epiphany last night while playing with my life pillows. I grabbed my pendulum and decided to test the spin of both pillows (right spin) and then decided to test just about everything within arms reach in my bedroom. I grabbed remote controls, lighters, cigarattes, ash tray, some carved up Cherry Tree wood I had been playing with, even a piece of plasterite. Everything except my plasterite had a left spin to it…. that is, until I took my life pillow, put it on each item for a few seconds, then rechecked the spin of each piece, and bada bing, all of it now spun up right spin.

So being the enterprising young man that I am, I said, “why not check out everything electronic in my room?” So I did, all left spin. Pillowed each component and retested, got right spin on them. I hit my walls, the floor, the ceiling, my bed rails, mattress, bed pillows, night lite, alarm clock, and the more things I changed the spin on, the bigger the “change” I felt taking place in my room…. my ears popped!! After I finished late last night, I wondered if I would be able to sleep… LOL :) I did, and slept great!!

I share this because of how WONDERFUL it felt to have things in my environment now giving out POSITIVE energy instead of NEGATIVE!!!!! I’ve started to pillow everything in my work office today, ears popped again!!!!! Next is the truck, then back home to pillow everything…. kids, cats, you name it!!!! LOL :)