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Postby josh on Thu Aug 26, 2010 10:56 am

It look like it is an element of the energy that we had not yet payed attention to: the direction of the spin :o , What I have found is that any Orgonite that I have made is spinning to the left, but after being pillowed for a few seconds to a minute, it will go to the right, so this will certainly increase the effectiveness of the Orgonite, at the same time as we Pillow all around us it is making our environment much more pleasant in many ways.
Pillow everything that is aluminum, it will instantly change it to a life giving material, rather than being a toxic one.
Pillow all your appliances, floor, walls, food, drinks……..endless possibilities
Also as you put the Pillows on a electric cord, it is not necessary to have an appliance at he end of the cord, it will do the polarization without anything running :D