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Just completed week at another local school. I gave release time to many classes, taking place of teacher off on annual multi-school musical extravaganza…The Beat.
Classes either made plasterite or played sport… indoor hockey with plastic sticks and puck.
With plasterite , we pillowed the water, plus quite a few drink bottles,
With hockey , after picking teams and revising rules / safety . etc. I mentioned the pillow as energy device. for food water and pain. Gave quick description of contents, then told of other students using at other school after playground accidents.
Needless to say , the pillow was used a few times,…passed around and held by others..,,little kids,, they wack the sh@t out of each other! Shins , arms .hands, etc …only couple of head highs…always a worry…!
and in all cases , pillow worked !…Not one off to the office crying this time ! Witnessed red welt across wrist disappear !
Students are such good guineapigs !….ha ha