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    .Had to think a while what to say , so proud of what s happening.
    Getting a bit emotional here, yes the grumpy gifter has a soft spot
    seeing so much good work of you lot there over in Ireland and in Scotland too
    actually more than that, more folk in more countries seem to be willing to go into new techniques
    valid techniques bringing good results..what to say Jenn and mob, outstanding is what it is.
    Never seen anything even close, and no, it is Josh we should pay tribute to as he is the only one
    working on such topics as the polarizer to at least leave us outstanding tools to kick arse, and what tools of light those are
    fabulous and strong , pure and simple, truth, so hard to come by these days.
    unconditional truth…So..there you go, very original work Jenn, very eh..feminine in outcome..heheh..I love them.
    Functional pieces and you did great using the pure recipe, not much bling bling in there.
    Just good tools of light…..I must repeat again, worth their weight in gold….Like Selenite is has to “creep up on you” , before the mind can understand how beneficial it all is.
    Even better, you make them using natural materials, from the sea…big wow, you take that extra mile , love that
    Tested these thing over and over….they work so well…absolutely unbeatable…one of the biggest eyeopeners ever, after plasterite
    nice of you to share all this…appreciated…so other may become interested and do their homework for once
    I think they are gorgeous…and I am happy you made it over that “bridge” most folk cannot get over in their lifetime.
    Never thought we would see this , nobody touched those topics, except for a few, but no newbies
    and look what happens now, wow wow wow :P :) ;)
    nice to see there are still people around who can understand and who do care
    megathumb up