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Unread post by Spirit Walker » <time datetime=”2024-05-22T14:26:51+00:00″>Wed May 22, 2024 4:26 pm</time>

I’m not surprised by some of these revelations myself… :) I continue to use my pillow for/on everything and anything. I cut my finger pretty good the other night, instantly pressed it against pillow, almost no bleeding or pain, healed in 3 days completely. Burned my finger on a candle flame, pillow stopped pain almost instantly, no swelling or discoloration, gone. I sleep with one on my forehead, usually meditating with it before I conk out, I can instantly go to “zen” mode and just be still and silent, incredible clarity. I touch it to everything I consume, every item I own or come near.

I’ve got various friends coming over in another week for a house warming party and plan to pillow everyone that comes through my door… just because! :) From a couple of the sensitives, I expect some fun to unfold! Going to promote the heck out of them Josh and steer some orders your way! :)

I got to remember to pillow the cats, might just rock their world… lol