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The Darwin one Ok. The lady in Palmerston had to reset hers outside. It was too strong
inside so it runs 24/7 in an enclosed verandah…
After a visit I noticed the whole area very positive. The people in large shopping centre seemed
to be happy….many smiling…very unusual !

At this time of year , one month away from the shortest day the Top End should be in the
middle of the dry season……a beautiful time of the year….Cool nights ,30+* C during the
day….camping, fishing and NO rain.We had 1 week of dry season…..THEN.,,,

At the same time Broadcasters deployed , weather starts streaming across the continent,
from NW <Indonesia> through to east coast, dropping rain here and there…some really heavy esp.
in Darwin and further south, Gregory National Park was closed due to flooding.Also to east coast !
Trouble is high humidity and temperatures have been the Pits…revolting . Everyone’s
hanging out for the dry .Looking forward to using a blanket again. Ha….Looks like dry weather
back next week…High pressure system moving in…Hooray !
Jeans and jumper instead of just jocks !….Thanks Josh….Broadcasters…Techniques that work ! ! !