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I will try to recall my first experiences with it. I am really disappointed that my initial report from earlier this spring was removed without explanation on WM, actually the entire topic was removed.

Let me preface this with explaining the device is like a huge HHG that is set up to backfeed orgone energy through the electric grid essentially gifting anyone who is on the same electric company.

The device itself is about a 5-10 lb piece of orgonite made with the usual ingredients with added herkimer diamonds, iron oxide and the typical HHG crystal layout. (It has been hooked up for a few months now so I can’t recall exactly what it weighs). There is a large gauge, heavy duty extension cord (waterproof contractor grade), coiled tightly around the large orgonite cone. This is all set down inside a bucket. Both ends of the extension cord reach outside of the bucket, and the male plug end connected to a standard wall outlet. The other end is just above the rim of the bucket. For convenience sake, the lid of the bucket was included but with two holes cut for both ends of the extension cord to poke out. Redmond red earth salt was included to make a saline water solution enough to almost cover the orgonite. The top of the orgonite cone sticks up out of the water a bit. I put the device in my kitchen so I could plug the refrigerator into it since it runs frequently at a higher wattage than a nightlight. I tried to decide between a low wattage device that was always on or a higher wattage device that ran intermittently and the second option won out. I hooked up a multi-way splitter to the end of the extension cord and plugged in a few other devices as well including a water fountain that always runs, and an orgonite device with mobius coil that is powered by a 15 hz frequency generator. I figured with these devices running just about constantly, it would provide plenty of backfeed opportunity to see results.

I notified several of my friends who lived in town and only one was able to feel a difference. Easter Sunday this year was the first full day it was hooked up, I believe. (will repost the feedback from my friend). The weather was in the process of becoming spring so the other people could not decide if the improved mood, the cheerfulness, the sense of relief and well being was due to winter changing to spring or something else. So if you can imagine cold, dreariness, changing to warm brightness, well, that is what happened. I was totally on cloud nine for several days which is always what happens when I first bring new powerful orgonite devices into my home. I was running around crazy all amped up like I was high on speed or something. In my hyperdrive state of operating, I seemed to have a lot of self made disasters, spill, accidental mishaps, etc, and normally that stuff makes me just want to give up and go sit down and take a nap but during that first week, nothing, and I mean nothing seemed to phase my high. You wouldn’t even believe how much stuff I was able to get done during that time.

I also noticed around that general time frame that spraying was not occurring as frequently as before. When I finally did notice spraying, it seemed like it was gone within a very short time. It is still like that even two months later, or has it been 3 months? There is a part of town that gets sprayed very heavy all the time and it still happens but it just doesn’t stay around. I wouldn’t recognize a slyph if one sat down on top of me but what happens is the chems start to dissipate and some huge and awesome cirrus looking cloud formations start to occur.

The resident dowser (now banned with no explanation) on the previous forum where this info was posted dowsed that the ambient energy of my region had been increased by 30-40% since the device was hooked up. I don’t remember how large of a radius he said, though. The same person installed similar devices of his own in his region and experienced radical changes in the energy levels in his city. (I hope he will repost the info here soon) ;) :D