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Nepi, I use to have problems with lubricants until I spoke to Mark at US composite, very pleasant person, he advise me to get some car wax and wax the mold that I was going to use and then put lubricant on it, ever since I have had no problem, for pieces with a bad attitude, I let them cool and put them in the freezer over night.

These pictures of the cloud nation have been an every day event here with us for over two month, ever since we started the Broadcasting, so if your clouds are like these please post so we can see and rejoice, if not, make a broadcaster, resin or plaster and you will have blue sky

2024-05-22 17_21_16-Window.jpg


2024-05-22 17_21_12-Window.jpg


2024-05-22 17_21_01-Window.jpg


2024-05-22 17_20_46-Window.jpg


2024-05-22 17_20_40-Window.jpg


2024-05-22 17_20_35-Window.jpg