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Gosh MG you are right those clouds look almost scary, I must say that I have never seen clouds with that much presence and life….. it look like they are saying : “now you try to mess with me and see what happen”. :lol: :lol:
At the same time that I was introducing the Broadcaster on WM I also was trying to change to name of the CBs to that of a CLOUD BOOSTER, and the change might have created a new paradigm for the entire cloud nation, this was the idea of my lady Catherine.As far as the salt water; I like it I think it work and I have been using it for many years, but you are totally correct about the ‘mucking’ there are folks that use the broadcaster without salt water with excellent results, and at this time I am telling everyone to do it dry, just make a few more coils around.
On the old forum, I remember this Hooten gent, thats a long time ago, before 2005 :o , You know I am quite certain that someone somewhere has though of doing this broadcasting idea, the important thing is that we do it since it appear to be working better than anything so far.
This past three weeks I have been doing this double broadcasting : on a long extension cord, wrap a small devise near the male side, make sure you have 10 or 15 feet of free wire and then wrap another small devise, if the cord is long enough, you can do another 10 feet of free wire and install another devise, so this is what you will have, (now for this idea I use small Orgonite such as the pendant I sent you)
10 feet (3 or 4 meter) 

———————X——————————————-X————————————        ——-X——————–
Male…………..device……………………………………device……………………………………………device…………..female side
Just passing the wire across the device will not do near enough, wrapping is necessary
Here I have so many devices wrapped up: big, small, Orgonite, plasterite, it would be difficult to say , this or that
is working best :roll: :roll:
Now I am giving devices to people to put in their home, I even buy the extension cord for them, lot easier than going to find all of the nefarious places all over the country side
MG I think we may see the light at the end of the tunnel, and this time I dont think it is a train :D :D