Wed Jun 03, 2015 11:35 pm


Discussions wont stop one single chemtrail…oops that slipped off my tongue there…someone just called a dog a dog …although waking up folk is a good thing , yes big fan of those activities but it is not for me
it is still a very good thing to do , a splendid thing actually, we must continue on that path too, sure, but…you know what I mean
we are under the aerosol program for ten years and counting…

Ah yee….You know what Jenn, maybe you could do a big professional make up work thiny.., hair stylist, expensive business dress, you know the power dress
with black high heels, rent a Rolls Royce, with chauffeur, 500 dollar sunglasses, Versace of course, use Marc as a body guard in smoking, also with sunglasses
and hand out shiny flyers about geo engineering and I can assure you they will knock eachother over to get one, all hell will break lose heheheh
that s how it is Jenny, that is how it is…In short it s all about show nowadays, they dont listen what you say , they only look if you are “important” by their standards
the standards of the system….hey are sucking up to , grovelling for their masters …by the way ….does not have to be Versace could also be Dior… :P
price range medum dress starts around 11000 pounds average
that not with the handbag and boots
that s another 3000 , without the 2000 pound watch..
it s for a good cause lady J…we have to look like experts…
yes it s that bad , they dont listen to what you say only ,if at all, how you say it
if it agrees with their “standards” or not, if not, it is tossed out the windows in a blink of an eye
because we dont look “important” you see
no white coat , no letters of dumbing down behind our names , that sort of thing
not even an Eton or Oxford accent …That s why they wear the square hats at graduation
they are “squared”..
people are trained to listen to so called “experts” , those who are for public consumption
those who are all on board with the agenda
you know the types, sitting on those boards of geo engineering, those types, well groomed for their position
those who pretend to act on our behalf, now that s a good one…
Just a wild thought Jenn, you can use their control grid also against them
use their weapons on them
see how they like that…
but if we walk around in jeans and sport shoes and talk the same truth they will look at us as some sort of alien
like we have three heads or something
what do you think, good idea ? :lol: maybe I ll show up in a suit, dont have one, but can be arranged, italian shoes
maybe even a shave and a tie, also dont have one, but hey just symbolically…, and we do a plasterite gig in Oxford hall, I dont know if the British Brainwash Company is gonna show up….so give Marck a cam to video the whole thing…while we make those selenite energy mixtures
surrounded by professors in white coats with dumbed down letters behind their names with mustaches and pipe, giving us the nod..while looking very impressed.. how does that sound ?….At least we will have some attention believe you me…
As nowadays folk have more attention for their pizza than about geo engineering or whatever agenda they wip us with
Just a daydream Jenny, that s all
True , it is very pleasant to see people start working with it
also there never will be many, that is not possible nor the goal
but at least you know you are not alone
as they are all over the place now
but most you ll never hear of
not everybody is on FB you know….
You know heard it all before, been there done that
truth is as it is , everbody there thinks two and two equals five so…
no more hoopla for me Jenn
those days are over
they wont listen anyway
metaphysical hmmm…ah well a five dollar cone blasts away a five hundred dollar chembuster ah well
is that metaphysical LOL
I dont know, let s just see what comes out of it
take it step by step
let them do their homework as you noticed most are even too ignorant to do that
everything has been given to them, told what to do
Look lady J, been in this thing for years now almost at the start of it
and I ve seen enough
for the time being , I d say just let this remote silly outpost of truth pumping some stuff out now and than and that s good enough
as folk who do have a brain will figure it out and see enough here
and if they really get hot about it can read five hundred pages of the old forum
that will keep them busy for a while and give them a lot of knowledge to start going
that s how I see it
Metal resin is an artificial way of coming to what the plasterite does naturally and way stronger and better
Still I wont use the opportunity of this forum to start teasing the resin club
I truly could not care less
for me that is a topic closed to a large extent
can be useful , sometimes
but the way forward is the natural way
maybe they have to become more furious to start hugging the dorky kid plasterite is

love plasterite.jpg

but a genius one neverheless