I hope you don’t mind if I say, you may be 80% right. Maybe we are too bright-eyed & bushy tailed, with the enthusiasm of newbies,(I think you appreciate this) – but setting ourselves up for a fall. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. However, if the tide is turning, if light and love (information and creation) are spreading, most of the people here who are taking an interest would be ‘well awakened’ people, ok maybe a few will drop in and drop out, or even many, but if even a few more people start making cones as ER said, that will be a huge achievement. A quote from my friend Juliet yesterday: ‘I think in that group we have made it quite clear we don’t put up with any crap, and we are all genuine, we are all concerned about humanity and our planet, that comes across well I think, a nice bunch of people in there and it will stay that way if we continue the way we handle things :|