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    :) nah…you see, we are still at it
    if it had not been for folk who take interest in things and care for truth and make a stand
    refuse to be under their spell…we would be done for hundreds of years ago believe you me
    but that has not happened so there is always hope
    absolutely….facing the black wolf and learn how to control it
    nasty job, but that s how you can make use of the black wolf
    acknowledgement….beyond the “positive” “negative” rubbish control set…takes a lot of guts and you have a lot of guts
    Our owners are very serious about it and therefor we must be very serious about it too…So keep doing what you do it is worthwhile
    Very proud of people like you, all of you who do the good work…hahaha remember that along with my grumpyness although that has decreased
    More protests , more plasterite hearts, more awakening