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Hi all, things have gone really quite here. I don’t have as much time as I used to, but still bustin’ little by little.

Just dropped in a UCB(?) or Peacemaker(?). Monsoon, you know which is which.6 TBs with smoky quartz crystals out the top, (courtesy of Anima Mundi…thanks man, beautiful strong earth crystals), 6 x 275mm long, 25mm diameter pipes on top ie pointing to the sky.

Immediately as I was finishing, the birds (mostly Minas but some locals) just started a cacophony of song…..jeez it was noisy, the best response ever. 2 butterflies flying around, everything starting to come to life……at 2 in the arvo!

My bucket CB seems to do things differently. Pulls in the Sylphs, but seems to lack that connection with the earth side of things. Been reported the HHG in the bucket has a laughing elemental with it. Will let it sit at the moment. It IS working, but differently than expected.

As an added thought, I’m toying with penduluming the frequency they use for the HAARPs they’ve been using. If we can match the frequency, we may be able to negate their effects. This will be long winded and drawing a long bow, but……………wonder how Tesla started?

See what happens!!

Have fun all!

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Hi Ray…nice work. Haven’t been gifting much myself for health reasons, but the planning for future missions continues.

Been getting some rain here since the golfball gifted…so far so good.

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monsoon gecko
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Yo…Rayce, good description of  a UCB Underground Chem/cloud Buster.

They certainly are powerful orgone generators ! What a buzz to have birds sing you up….great confirmation ! The first UCB was on my block and took a day to kick in. But big time ..for a few days then eased off, used up all DOR and went into cruise mode….or I just got used to it, I didn’t fully appreciate UCB and PM..peacemaker….till I started  planting a few more in grid fashion., 5 to 10 klms apart…town trip is fun…can feel each one from about 2 klm away, sometimes more. !

Getting a bit harder these days with 3 Broadcasters orgonizing the electricity grid….power lines seem to be radiating orgone too !

Laughing Elemental Eh ! Bucket CB must be pumping, Must be uplifting when moving into the field, giggle  giggle…ho ho ho ho
Bit of syncronysity….posted couple days ago on Radar Loop

Mentioned how Perth and  sw WA had been ripped off …no rain..

then next day , they get fairly widespread cover. Now Adelaide
is getting the follow through now… Vic……

Operation Raindance  is progressing well……exciting isn;t it. !!


Ray…let us know what frequencies you find..sounds interesting.


Bluegum..get well…we need you !!

All you other gifters out there…..G’day…Keep Gifting…try some new may be surprised…or blown away !! !! !


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Give me time. But sure thing.

Testing will prove the outcome.

I’ve also got shi%$y stuff on my flyscreens, will pendule this and see if we should put this in the mix.

This stuff is from the spraying probably mixed with some dust and salt from the ocean. I figure if it gets orgonized, it may send out the frequencies from HHGs, etc to minimize the impact of what they spray.

Sounds great. But practice being what it is………….mmmmmm.

I’ll see if I can post a pic. Probably not til weekend due to new work committments.

Where’s all our friends?


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Yup…it’s hard to tell if there’s anyone else out there doing much. Be good to get a few more reports in so we can get a better idea of the state of play.

I guess it’s not a very trendy activity we’re involved in. :P

The only problem with a closed mind is that you only learn the truth after you’ve become a victim of it.

May 25, 2010 at 7:49 AM