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Alas, this is almost everywhere these days. I guess because terrorists are so rare, the goons in suits figured they needed to increase the number of cameras so we can all now get a free colonoscopy just by bending over.

I’m pretty sure that’s what the added charge on my council rates is for. 

Anyway, city CBDs, hospital precincts, university campuses and shopping centres are areas with very high frequencies of cameras. Not surprisingly, these sites typically have the highest frequency of ELF and microwave gear as well. So, how to gift without ending up on the 6pm news or getting harrassed by security?

Here are some basics…

  • always act casually (ie walk and move slowly and with confident appearance)
  • choose times and days when you’re less likely to attract attention (eg a rainy day, public holiday)
  • wear common style clothing and be a bit on the conservative side. Wearing clothes that an older or younger generation might wear or even a business shirt will help maintain anonymity. Don’t wear anything that can identify you, your age, tastes etc easily.
  • wear basic sunglasses to hide eyes and allow subtle checking for cameras
  • wear a broad brimmed hat or at least a non descript cap
  • make sure you have your targets well planned and alternative spots worked out
  • know the route you’ll take and possible exits if required
  • wear lace up shoes or boots which you can casually ‘re-tie’ when placing out a TB
  • carry a decent backpack which you can use to block the open side view of your gifting position when having a rest etc
  • take a water bottle with you; it’s a good prop for taking a rest next to a gifting spot
  • a garden digger is handy but cut the handle off so it can fit in your pocket without being detected, otherwise it may look like you’re carrying a weapon.
  • many places are heavily paved, so aim for large, permanent planters often found next to sidewalks etc.
  • sometimes it’s too risky to dig one in, so aim for tree hollows or plants which are less likely to be inspected.
  • a map of your preferred locations is also a good prop…most people avoid people who look a bit lost and confused because then they’re obliged to help…can’t have any of that!!!
  • practice placing TB’s while pretending to tie shoe up or having a drink etc.
  • Don’t take unecessary risks where cameras are covering every angle unless you’re really confident of concealing it.
  • Be flexible with positions; some are too risky, while not too far away there may be much ‘easier’ spots or opportunities. You don’t need to get right next to target.
  • target ponds and lakes nearby as these are good long term prospects. I always feel water gifting enhances the overall effect anyway.
  • buy and take a powered orgone wand with you and focus intent on protection from all interference and harrassment as well as mission success

With the CBD here, I found that much of the ELF gear is on the periferal buildings, so ringing the city will get much of the gear. Uni’s are probably the worst because their camera set-ups are coordinated by one command unlike what you get in the city. I would generally avoid city malls as they have so much surveillance.

Chances are, a certain proportion of your TB’s will be discovered, if only by cleaners etc.

Feel free to add your own tips.

Good luck. 

The only problem with a closed mind is that you only learn the truth after you’ve become a victim of it.

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Good stuff, Bluegum!

Just what I needed when I needed it. Keep ’em coming.

You’re a minefield of info. Glad your on our side!!

Also congrats on your “aerobic” exercise regime with arm movements. Good health fosters good plans….as you are proving.

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Just wanted to add here that in the city CBD’s there are these tiny barrel cameras right up on top of the skyscrapers pointing directly down to the streets. Ironic that the smallest cameras in the city also have the longest range capabilities…

…or perhaps not, given that they’re very hard to spot so high up. I happen to have eagle like eyesight as well, so most might miss these. I would suggest gifters assume they are also being watched by Big Brother’s ‘Eagle Eye Cam’ while in the CBD. 

The only problem with a closed mind is that you only learn the truth after you’ve become a victim of it.

April 27, 2010 at 5:23 AM