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monsoon gecko

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Yo…..G,gay all, I’ve been trialling another technique….interesting results.

The story is on


Ah ha…photo opportunity…Hhg with beachsand…no quartz ! quartz, just beachsand, about 4-5 teaspoons ....feels energetic to hold...The glass finish is due to Double dipping technique

November 13, 2010 at 10:36 PM Flag Quote & Reply

monsoon gecko

Posts: 636

Yo…next trial in .

The front row has teaspoon of beachsand only, no quartz. Second row has quartz point only….thick inch plus..The other rows , with black top have both quartz and sand. All double dipped as shown by glass finish.



I really blew it……as far as test,,,should have had identical

copper top with sand and quartz instead of steel top, as copper is more energetic than steel….silly me ! Regardless, Steve, from OrgonitePlus graciously gave bovis readings. He quotes. Take this with a grain of salt..ha


Front row…43000 Bovis

Middle row..35000

Back rows..45000

Interesting eh ? Wish I’d done proper job-expt with all the same swarf..!Regardless…our beachsand is radiant, as found with Plasterite. I;ll certainly be adding a teaspoon or two or more depending on size, to all mine, from now on !

Thanks for heads up , Josh.