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Hi watered lizard (monsoon ghekko…get it?) watered inside and out doubt.

Being trekking to the big smog (Sydney) for the last 6 weeks with more coming. 14-16 hr days certainly slows you down.

Been near the airport and when the refuellers were on strike there were a hell of a lot of planes around. Hmmmmm.

Noticed around here just recently they are beginning to spray further out to sea. Increasing their coverage? If they are we must be at a level of saturation that they don’t want to overpower use and cause themselves problems. Chemtrails are virtually none existent. But the air tastes acidic and the stuff in the air is different.

Very, very fine particles on the windscreen, not as large as they use to be and the planes are flying at about 25000 ft for their dumps. You can taste it.

Sylphs have been going troppo with nightly spraying I dare say as the day ends up clear.

I believe the Sylphs have some new prowess as they don’t seem to collapse like they used to. Horizon to horizon of Sylphs in the last 2-3 weeks……even in Sydney.

My earthpipes stopped the noise from the ground….maybe I was right after all. Pity, I would have liked to have been wrong.

EarthMother is empowering at an ever increasing rate with the powers of the universe as she calls for humans to take part in restoring the universe to its norm.

The times ahead are getting ever increasingly strange……to keep us occupied.

Be aware, my friends and pay heed to the warnings of nature.

My info has less than 2 years for the onslaught.

Hope all and sundry are doing well as I type this in the RAIN, with THUNDER and LIGHTENING out at sea!!

BEAUTIFUL is nature.

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monsoon gecko
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Good one Ray…You must really look forward to the weekend….man that’s a lot of travelling !

Radar Loop is showing almost regular Raindance for southern capitals..hope the water catchments are filling….these are the BEST PLACES for water gifting….just a hint you all ..ha ha

Yes, sylphs ruling the sky over major cities is the best confirmation there is.

Just acknowledging sylphs when you see them will give you a high..after all

they are earth elementals on a mission. By gifting and encouraging we are.

Just love watching them  attack chemtrails and cheer ’em on…ha ha

Keep gifting everyone….and enjoy the rain… as the pace quickens..ha

We have a huge advantage…share it .      Yo