Sat Jun 06, 2015 6:46 pm
ha , champions, I can notice the energy coming from plasterite asap, takes some days to get used to
but uplifting experience, the life pillow is even more present , like a magnet
you cant miss it
talking about vids, well as I made lots of pics today doing 50 kilo plaster, thats about 80 kilo of plasterite in total
had some fun , bluest skies ever seen
made another top piece, this time a total pure one
no crystal points, just crystal water, sand, Plaster of Paris and lots of sea shells
and the right intent and it is starting up, nice flow, very nice flow
very high pinch, this over the horizon blast of love energy
finished her up with sea shells too, flat ones, and a biggie on top
she sure knows her song…..two helicopters gave me the thumbs up salute so yes
buzzing alright
made four huge gifting pieces , flowerpots, keep it simple…stu…. ;)
hahaha…sand finish….yes very uncompromising models
used about five liters of crystal water…..used to add only small amounts of it to the mix
but see an uplift if the whole vase of crystal water is added….swings better for sure
no love lost there….it is for free…immediately reload your vases and as it has been a lot of sunshine here , not by lack of trying though of the PTB..
one after another did their crap but hopeless , no match
so…also lowered the natural salt dose somewhat
one hand of salt for every 15 Litre of water
of course you work with respect for nature , the consciousness part
Ran out of Himalaya Salt , so I had to plunder the kitchen …found some small containers and used that, those big salt crystals, but dissolved them in hot water
first to make Sole…and poured that in

make one large batch, no fooling around with little buckets anymore
use the whole bag in one go
25 kg plaster + 16 LIters water incl one liter of crystal water, two large hands of natural salt, about five kilo of good mixed sand
two kilo of sea shells, that s it
no fancyness this time
no crystals, additives, stones, etc
just good will