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josh wrote:
A good idea : when you are done with your crushing, spray a little rescue remedy on the crystal powder: because you just have crushed living things and it is good to take the stress out of them


excellent thinking, Josh … ;)

monsoon gecko wrote:
Thanks Nepi…found an Aussie ebayer..ordered..asked if they had heard of orgonite and if she’d like a sample to trial.
Positive reply…another one Hooked..Ha ha

that’s me! :D

have had so many positive experiences, too, but will save that for another area of the forum …

back to using Rescue Remedy to alleviate the stress and shock the crystals go through, a better formula (which I’m happy to prepare and gift to those making orgonite) is a combination of Star of Bethlehem for shock, with Echinacea which is for ‘shattering’ experiences to restore a sense of wholeness again … msg me if you’d like some … ;)