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Postby josh on Sat Jun 26, 2010 10:15 pm

Thank you Sacred
Really appreciate your input, I shall tell the story how it happened that the rescue had to be used:
I had been crushing crystals for few hours, and after that I found my eyes irritated, so I took a shower thinking it might have been crystals powder, well it went on for a week, and my eyes were not getting any better and in truth they were getting worst and worst, my lady came back from visiting her mother (a week later) and ask me what happened to your eyes, they looked burned, I told her that it happened right after crushing the crystals, and she say, “did you put rescue on the crystals?” then I remembered as a rule I always put rescue on the crystals, this time I forgot.
So I got my box full with the powdered crystals and spray rescue on it right away, and believe it or not; my eyes got better within a minute of doing the spraying.
This small incident is showing on what level we are all working, we are working on the etheric level…..may be a little more :D