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Oh how cool.

I’m glad you made those Monsoon, they’re great! And thank you for the readings too, Steve :) .

:arrow: Ya know, Monsoon, it would be interesting to have countertops made of that in the kitchen (Sorry I couldn’t help it :mrgreen: ), you could probably turn out some great faux granite and start a new trend in kitchen decor, Paramagnetic Countertops to charge your food while you make it, what do you think? :mrgreen:

Ref the sand, I have been collecting beach sand from specific beaches for use in Orgonite and Plasterite.

Part of my intention is to use the sand as a structural link to the specific beach from which it came. I think this would be useful for instance, in the Gulf oil spill areas. Lots of silica, lots of different minerals in it from the shells and all…