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My goodness, Stephen, if we post the effect of the sand, rather than using crystals on David Icke, we shall start WW3 :lol: :lol: :lol:

Better yet , why not post this on Warrior Matrix :twisted: :twisted:

I have done that for a while while now, using the beach sand, within other kind of devices, with great success….I wanted to make sure I was not the only one.

I am looking at nature and seeing all has it has to offer, as well as simplifying the Orgone producing devices, I think to replace the crystals with sand is a large step to that affect, and at least I am no longer crushing crystals, that really did not feel good.

The energy of the beach sand, I am certain, comes from its constant exposure to sun light, thousands of years worth
And darn it its FREE
Now I cannot see my self trying to dowse each grain of sand to know what end go where :? ,

Some four weeks ago I made a 27″ tall cone with plaster and a Pillow mixture (about 2 gallon of it), and I thought it was a total failure since it appear to crumble easily, so it was just laying around in the back yard. Two days ago I decided to stand it up in the garden.
Today those parasites spray chem soup all over, the sky was a sickly whitish murky goo, and above the place a very large blue hole, all day they would came and the spray just vanished as it got near the blue hole , all day long…it was fun to watch :D :D
I must see if I can make this plaster a bit more stable, with all those herbs inside I dont think it will last long in the weather. Well it will last as long as it wants to, when it is gone I’ll just make another one