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by anonymous

I first appreciate the magnanimity of Josh for revealing his pillow secret.

May God bless Josh for this divine act. My sincere gratitude to Josh.

I am searching for sea weed to make Josh pillow in Dubai.

I am new to orgonite, in the learning process before making the first one.
request certain clarifications.

1) The DOR to OR conversion rate
a)is directly proportional to the current flowing through the cable wound
above the HHG or TB? or only a simple power supply cord with an indicator bulb will do?

b) is limited by the capacity of the HHG? ie, if the HHG is bigger then the conversion rate is bigger?
or this is limited to the area of the power generator supply lines?

2) HHG made with only superfine metals( XHD)and 4cm length crystals, will this perform better due to the EMR from the wrap around cable? I have superfine iron powder with me now and trying to get copper powder.

Thanks in advance,

Best Regards