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    Just now received information about a new plasterite maker, Juliet, she is presenting her first pieces here.
    Now dont blush will ya ;) They are very well done, very feminine, very solid and I see attention went into making these beauties. Superb finish, very slick pieces, feet on the ground , nose in the air, yes raising eyebrows here, much much better than my first trials I must say. High quality finish, probably an artistic person, there is an awareness in those models, an intention I was lacking when I did my first experiments, these are much better, we do have a lift off here Houston…. ;)
    The convenient side of using the crystal gypsum method , let s put it that way, the effects on the atmosphere are blatantly clear, not a mystery there, it will unfold itself over time in a lot of other directions and spheres
    so it is a learning process, not something that can be rushed through like a book
    It is very nice of Juliet to share , thank you !
    esp as a newcomer, you know, not always as easy as it sounds
    Reminds me of those days where there were mainly girls in the club
    as selenite resonates much more directly with females than males
    some males to pick it up too and they are as straight as can be LOL…
    believe you me…
    too bad we dont have Steve around here anymore..heheh
    he could dowse that thing, they are all punchy , the cone is very strong
    gives me the vibes, as I said an aware person who made that stunning piece
    she will sure flatten a lot of nastyness in the skies above us
    for the good of all
    there s much more to this
    Lady J provided the photos, nice work , both of you and Juliet especially.
    On facebook I saw some newcomers but this is a different bread alltogether
    much higher up the I did not have any teacher when I started in that sense
    only in an indirect way….very functional tools of light
    I see it pays off to have a good teacher around eh Lady J, it sure pays off ;)