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The pipe stone is called ‘catlanite’ it is red and the native say it was made from the blood of our people, among the Sioux nation only the red stone is accepted, but some other native will use black stone as well .

When a Pipe is carved it is done in a sacred manner, prayers, sage burning etc.., it will take a long time to carve since most of the time primitive tools are used, and many stories are told

(wonderful stories)

As the pipe is being done, the dust from the carving will be save for later use as medicine, I have not yet seen the powder used in this way, it also will be use to make face paint .

The native say that when you pray with your pipe, what ever you pray for will happen, and after a pipe is done carving there is a ceremony to bring the spirit in it, a most powerful event!!!!!.

As you can guess I have tried just about everything in Orgonite, but never the pipe stone,please try it and see what it bring, it may bring sacredness, but much sadness as well, so be very aware of this, the pipe spirit is a very strong as powerful spirit and there is already plenty sadness in our world.

josh aka anpetu washte mani