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ops.! I feel like I;ve jumped in looking like a know all. ! Ha ha

My explaination…All the metal moulds I’ve used have their tempermental characteristics.

mostly being a pain in the arse….Those little ones would be similar…especially if you are using epoxy resin , because it doesn.t shrink as much from my least polyester resin shrinks allowing easier removal………..Josh is quite right about the coating the moulds and releasing by time in freezer…my pyramid moulds have had the cold treatment often.

especially after a double dip session. Silicone moulds just peel off…..magic…..smooth shiney surface Glass moulds pop out with a couple of taps on a couple of thick books (absorb energy so not to break glass) ….ocassionally need freezer job, but not the norm.

Steel/metal moulds , more often than not, need slamming out…ha ha, even after freezer. !

Maybe I’m doing something wrong…technique ? Just sharing .

mmmmm…….so your tackling technical difficult, multi-layer… with expensive materials on your first Pour !!!!!!Wow , brave girl ! Would love to be there !

Seriously, you’ll get a better buzz……and a LOT of Experience …a feel for it !….. by starting simple.

For a litre of resin, you can get about 12 Tb’s or 6 Tb’s and a couple of Hhg’s.

Better to get a heap of home made energy out there and trial techniques later..may save the expensives.!

Resin can be tricky………………..yet
You may nail it first go !

Have Fun..!