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Linda, I got a pile of silicone moulds from …. got 8 for less than $100AUD, and that included postage … from the UK …
silicone moulds are easiest … I got some deep heart-shaped ones that take longer to dry, and if taken out early have a bit of a smudge in places, but double dipping in silicone is much easier than anything else …plastic party glasses have nearly always stuck, so I’ve chiseled them out with a screwdriver
and hammer!

glass is good …
I do a double coat of Turtle car wax polish on glass, and find that going over the silicone moulds with what’s left on the rag minimises elbow grease to remove bits that stick … it also negates the static issue, which is a hassle when using gold leaf, and also fine metal shavings
from key-cutters … it loves to stick to the silicone … have also found that glass gives a nice shiny finish …. some metal moulds (my spoon rest dish
is a beauty!) give a shiny finish to the orgonite, but others (like a brass bowl I have) gives a dull finish … I give them a double coat of Turtle wax, too ….
Stephen, the shallow bars you sent me to fiddle with for my art project were cut in half and drilled side-ways through one end to make a guy’s pendant … had 4 boys needing to wear orgonite, so used what I had …I’m fiddling with a wooden dip dish at the moment for pendants, but it’s not ideal …. have had to sand the oval-ish shapes then gave them a coat of WD40 (I think you call it inox?)… when they come out of the mould, they really smell! also, the grain still comes through, and they’re dull, but kinda cool! trouble with shallow tapering sides is that first of all, they chip, and it’s
also hard to get metal bits in thin areas … I don’t have a lot of fine stuff (swarf), but have some key-cutting shavings, some aluminium swarf, and the rest is stainless steel that I have to cut into usable sizes ……

re different resins shrinking at different rates, would it be safe to assume that the less shrinkage, the less the crystal is squeezed and therefore, the orgonite wouldn’t be as strong?

reason I ask is that the place I get my resin from has clear resin for casting, and the guy said it would be better as it doesn’t get as hot, so doesn’t give off as much fumes, too …. my first thought was great! then I wondered if it would be as effective ……