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Nepi I have had plaster Orgonite in my home as well as other families that I have made pieces for, if there was any collecting of DOR from those pieces I would have been told since I see those folks all the time and they are quite sensitive energy wise.
Another factor in the shooting down of the plaster is also the amount of business a whole lot of people would be loosing, the plaster means “self reliance”
, it means all of us can do it, the children can have fun with it an create new combination, powerful combination that we have not thought of and the kids are not allowed to have because they are too young to play with a dangerous substance such as the resin and the sharp metal shavings.
There no mystery about the plaster it is simple to make and to obtain.
Make a broadcaster with plaster and “bless” the grid and see how it feel, see how much blue sky you are able to have
Good luck