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I used quite a few crystals and minerals…most from previous ebay purchases., mainly strung chip beads.
The list includes : lapis lazuli. sodalite, tourmaline, kyanite, ruby chips, mica flakes, tiger eye, amethyst,
rose quartz .garnet, sugalite, hematite, forrest agate, and turquoise. Also , included was a chunky 1 inch +
smokey lemurian quartz point.

I have spent half a day hammering the rest of my stones.< of course I’ve Kept a few. >. This is for two reasons.
1. Apparently. smaller pieces and powdered work better . so now largest broken pieces 5mm.
2. I’ll be making Hhg’s with school students this week in my favourite teacup size glass moulds..actually old punchbowl set !
I want to preserve my resources. I know what kids are like…they’ll want to use more than is necessary. so this way they are limited to a pinch or two of each sample…..unbelieveable…I’m actually looking forward to going to work..Ha ha ha .

Well the spiritual pressure is still there today, though not as intense…guess I’m getting used to this strong new orgone field ! !

Thankyou Josh for sharing this new technique……OUTSTANDING !