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Hi Nepipemi…Never considered sugar orgonite,,,have read about it couple of times ,but info wasn’t clear,
on construction and methods….closest I’ve been was munching on a toffee apple ! Ha ha

I have some brown and black oxides buried away somewhere from old pottery days…..these were used to paint,
colour, patterns on unfired pottery pieces….I’ll take to school so kids can decorate there plaster Hhg’s…should
look great and add their own personal touch.

Shellac….natural substance ? From memory I used this to French polish a wooden jewelery box at school. Came out with glass an A…but that was 40 odd years ago. Is this the stuff that comes in flakes and you dissolve with something ?
Can,t remember . How many coats? Also , how long after making does plaster take to be dry enough to shellac ?
The paper my Hhg’s are sitting on still seems damp. I have 2 days with students so looks like not enough time to dry,
paint and shellac .

More info appreciated… Thanks