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So.. arrive at school next day..staff seem happy as usual,
but noted higher energy…the students were zooming around
playing happily together….not your normal layed back, slow
start morning !
Class work surprised me as All students participated with
enthusiasm. The day flew past and they went home smiling and
chatting…. WOW..impressive.
This was a real eye opener…..the school is already well gifted
with Tb’s in classrooms, office and buried in gardens…..but
today there was a much higher energy factor that stood out.

The PlasterOrgonite was still damp a day later,,we played with
them for a while…most confirmed feeling energy while held..
couple didn’t.. I demonstrated oxide painting…tricky and fiddley.
No room for error as oxide soaked in straight away and smudged
on touch….the shellac flakes refused to dissolve. metho, not turps..!
So we made more plaster orgonite.! ! ha ha

In fact, I really wanted to trial my silicone moulds…trays of flat top
pyramids, hearts and stars.Tb size. Students loved collecting the samples
again and proficiantly made and poured the plaster with the small
amount of copper powder.
They came out beautifully….smooth as..with a hint of coloured
minerals showing through.
So school holidays coming up.. won’t see them till next term.

I wonder if their homes will glow as much as the school did ?

Next trial…a large Plaster Broadcaster… bucket of water.!