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    Sun Jun 07, 2015 11:09 pm



    ;) :) oh Jenn, so modest , they are more than good enough, you even used a real sort of mold for the construction.
    I mean I saw that on the crazy lab rat and by god that dude is crazy for sure, most he says is crap believe you me
    but he is right on the bernoulli, I think they are pretty, yes, slick or as you say hmmm…pretty shapely
    The bernoulli is a strange concept I agree but it works.
    I knew it would work as I tested it myself as I one time put a lot of cones in a circle in the garden
    so the energy completely changes, I mean big time, like an engine start up sort of thing
    this massive breeze, it also changes character and I do not like that so much
    it becomes detached ..that s what to expect with a bernoulli too..a powerful release of energy, sort of combined, I call it the ” jet engine”
    high thrust..Although the energy emission is high I do not so agree with it, but that is a personal opinion.
    They do work and are effective when it comes to bringing in the life force..But from a healing standpoint it has some limitations. Anyway if you simply look for a big hammer …there it is ;) :)
    I do have one bernoulli , for over a year or so, tip from Stephen to look into
    thought it was not that hot , but it was hot enough :lol:
    Again it shows we do not know how all these things work completely but we can work with it to our benefit.
    As all tools of Light have a character, personality, or , if you like, consciousness hooking them up in a grid pattern makes them sort of uniform
    that s not a drawback per se, it s just my experience
    so please dont let that hold you back for heavens sake… :geek: :geek: :geek: ;)
    The lab rat video showed just taking a cardboard box and set it up in an angle
    and fill it with plasterite mix
    so it become like a sort of triangle shape
    for me , as I dont spend much time on looks, that s good enough
    of course some just have to perfect it , that fine with me
    it s worth making good molds for it
    Yes Lady J gave me the nod, tongue in cheeck, wink wink…. ;)
    So , there you go folks…enjoy

    Bernoulli by Jenn