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Hi Josh… thanks for a fascinating thread. I’m a new member who found your site a couple of days ago and became enthralled by plasterite. I’ve only been making orgonite since August 2009 and although I still have lots to learn, I’m passionate about it.

I live in Cape Town and had intended making an orgonite CB for an event scheduled for 25 July, the Golden Pyramid of Peace. However, I’m having difficulty in finding DT crystals of the correct size. A trip to my normal supplier a few days ago proved to be unsuccessful, as did enquiries from other local suppliers.

I’ve now decided to make a plasterite cone instead for the event! Thanks to you.

So yesterday I collected plaster of paris and some oxide. Can’t find copper powder yet in small quantities (I was quoted R666 – about $88 – for 1kg!!). Is it OK to use copper sulphate instead? I’ve decided to use my newly acquired stainless steel pyramid mould which I’ve only used twice – and both orgonite pieces cracked horribly! It just generates too much heat, lol. The pyramid mould is only about 100mm high, though. I’m a bit rushed for time right now (preparing for 2 holistic fairs over the next 10 days) but I’d like to find a long cone mould as soon as possible.

So… once again thank you for this forum, and thanks to all members that have contributed.