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Hi Isabelle,

At US Composites, you can use the EB polyester resin which is cheaper. It is a brownish green resin. By the time you pay shipping on 1 gallon, you could have paid the same amount at Autozone or Walmart for their Bondo brand resin. They work just the same but the EB resin is a bit higher quality meaning a touch easier to work with. With poly resin, you use a liquid MEKP catalyst that is measured in drops.

Josh has also had good luck with epoxy which is what he was describing. The catalyst for epoxy is a thick liquid and mixes in like a 1:2 ratio or something like that. He’s the expert there.

This may sound nutty but I was thinking of making muffin size regular orgonite with the epoxy and another set using separate muffin molds for the plaster version since the hardening time is different. And hopefully be able to compare the vibes of epoxy to plaster.

I think this is a stellar idea. The plaster concept is relatively new and it is exciting to hear people’s response in a side by side comparison.

BTW, I have a friend who was given a TB cast-off by a local maker which gave him one of the worst nightmares of his life and has been very suspicious of orgonite ever since. The thing looked harmless enough but I guess it was a very bad mix. Yikes. :o

It is possible that it wasn’t bad orgonite but that he had not acclimated to the piece yet.

Best regards to you!