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Still playing with my proportions on this latest round. First pic has double the sand in it, and didn’t stir it into plaster. If Steve would not mind, I am just curious if you could do a reading on the very 1st pic I uploaded (same mold) and the 1st from this group??? Please? I know what my inner sense tells me from the moment I made them, but would love some confirmation on which might have a higher reading, to see if I over tweaked or not… :)

I love the latest pics that Catherine painted, just fantastic. I showed my daughter the pics, she LOVED them too! I can see I must buy much more plaster and especially more paint, she has now grabbed everything that is dry and is painting it… LOL :) Hot pink is not my color, but I must say, it seems to really kick up the energy spectrum a tad on some of this stuff… Yeeee ha!