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Postby Spirit Walker on Thu Jul 08, 2010 8:41 am

Thanks Monsoon!!! My daughter has suffered from depression and some other serious emotional issues, so her embracing these creations the way that she has is both very heart warming and encouraging. I can feel their energy without even trying now, and just as you mention, it seems to get stronger as the piece dries out, at least to my senses. These seem to be broadcasting on a very high frequency/vibration…. To be honest, the more of them I can get her to paint and keep in her room, the better!!!! LOL :) Her emotional well being really seems to have improved since I started making these, there is a joy about having them around that is uncanny. She was a little embarrassed I took the pics and put them up, after she had seen what Catherine made, but I kept telling her that there is no wrong, there is no bad, when you open your heart to allowing the beauty to flow outwards into a design. I love the sound of your latest, please see if you can post a pic when you get a chance, I would love to “feel” it too!!!!! :)

Thank you so much Steve!!! It really helps to get a unbiased reading on what we are making. Your readings helped me to confirm my inner tickle. What I have learned is I just can’t always change things to make the inner Tony happy with his wild delight in “improving” upon things… :) So putting sand in does make it stronger, but there is a limit to how much sand should be added into the mix ratio it feels like.

The blessing in all of this is seeing those Bovis readings, and accepting that my paradigm has shifted again, in allowing even more unknown ways to work with energy to manifest in something so wonderfully easy and fun to make.