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Aho Brother Josh!! :)

That is a great reminder, to ask each of the separate ingredients/components of the creation to work together harmoniously to broadcast life force energy continuously, and to never allow any form of corruption of that function or energy, ever. :) I think that about covers it… LOL :)

I had a thought earlier today while looking at three of these balls I bought from Doesn’t those ball have some insane bovis reading to them? Here is a copy of what they are made of…

Cosmic Energy Stones are based on Laminar crystal technology. A very high concentration of the crystals are blended with a high-end ceramic clay. When this blend is fired at a certain, very high temperature, an alchemical transformation occurs, and the resulting Cosmic Energy Stones have properties that are greater than the sum of the ingredients that go into their creation.

The Stones are about 3/4 inch in diameter and seem somewhat fragile. In truth, they are almost indestructible and even thrown against a concrete surface, probably would not break. When the Stones are placed in the presence of water, under specified conditions, a transformation of the water occurs, and Cosmic Water is created. This water has properties most like the ancient, legendary waters of antiquity that supported and sustained life spans far beyond what is the present day norm.

Cosmic Energy Stones are used in a good-quality water to transform you water, raising the hydration level, raising the Bovis reading (energetic frequency), and dropping out certain impurities. Use for your personal water intake, for your pets, and plants.

When making Cosmic water, the Cosmic Energy Stones tend to be most effective when working in groups of three.

I wonder what either one of those, or some of the prill beads might do to help our lovely babies??? :)

Tony :)