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Yo all, Last couple of days, I’ve made another giant cone , and 2 broadcaster size cones plus
a few Hhg’s.. I must say large glass moulds give smooth marble finish…nice.
This time I used seasalt in the mix….first time,,,,,also small cone type shells..thanks Josh.
First thing I notice with ALL these pieces is they are COLD…I know if you add salt to ice
the temperature will plumet . So what’s going on here ?
Even in the sun, its cold.
The large cone with the “ite stones” sits at room temperature… no salt….still not painted…. doh
This plaster orgonite is becoming more mysterious.
I’m still using large lemurian quartz in the middle, plus a few others. Also handfull of gemstones as
seen in previous posts…. beneficial ? necessary ?

Well I’m enjoying this plasterite… they feel stronger…almost like they are vibrating internally. and cold !

The operating broadcaster, one without salt..really zings when touching the top…it too feels like it,s vibrating
There appears to be a bigger picture but can’t pick it…….any thoughts ?

Got half a bucketof shells to run..unbelievable Josh, many just the same as you others.