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Postby monsoon gecko on Wed Jul 21, 2010 2:19 am

Good one guys..!
You wouldn’t believe it..first day of term and I get a call out…Kids had a great day..we made plasterite, drew up hexagons and pentagons with protractors , a bit of grammar and played sport…Top day… the plasterite was first up, teacher demo. then make in groups….several reported them tingling when held and also the coldness was observed. Although I mentioned
it would take a couple of days to dry, most of them couldn’t wait so out with the felt tip pens…they were into it !
So that;s another 20 odd families gifted… it only a Tb….a good start.
Installed Large Cone as Broadcaster today…no bother shellacing, just get it up and running…strongest orgone field yet..
Has about 40 wraps with 25m or 35 ? extension cord…Guess it will take a while to get used to this one , too . !
Really blasts away at my forehead……have to go for a walk for a break every now and’s strong !
Have wrapped 3 more with 10m cord to replace ones in town for trial…town run this week hopefully …
Just love being in on the ground floor …..very exciting, constantly .
Keep the info coming……Yo