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Hello Anna
I have dowsed your two pieces and the numbers that are coming up are very large, I hesitate to post them for fear of raising eye brows and hackles, but here it goes:
The big guy:
Vibrate on all levels, but especially strong on the Spiritual and pure spiritual,
The Bovis went pass the infinite mark
The field of affect is 4,000 miles plus
The little guy
Vibrate on all levels, but again especially very strong on the spiritual and pure spiritual levels
The Bovis went to 800 millions
And the field of affect is 2700 to 2800 miles
Those being such large numbers, I feel somewhat funny about posting this, but I have been getting those king of numbers with all of the Plasterite, may be because of it vibrating on the higher vibrational levels, and totally on the positive side of the scale.
I can say with certainty that you covering the entire state of NY and far beyond; congratulation